Have questions in regards to doing business at CASHPOINT? Check this page first to find most answers to common questions.


Do I have to have an ID?

Yes. All customers must have a valid, unexpired, government issued ID.
The ID must show:
 The customer's date of birth
 Customer's signature (Except US Military ID)
 A photograph of the customer

Do you accept temporary ID’s?

Yes. As long as the ID meets all of the criteria listed above and is accompanied by another document in your name, such as bank card, passport, or social security.
*Notice! Temporary ID's have their own expiration date, which is usually 1 month from the issuing date.

Do you accept out of state ID’s?

Yes, in addition it must be accompanied by another document in your name, such as bank card or passport.

Can I sell my gift card, if the silver strip is scratched off?

We do not accept Starbucks gift cards if the silver strip is scratched off. 
On all other brands, we accept gift cards up to $100 in value with a scratched off silver strip, 
per customer/per day.

Do I have to have a receipt with the sale of my gift card?

All cards over $100 require a receipt.

Do I have to be 18 years old to do business at Cashpoint?

Yes. You must be at least 18 years old to do any business at our store.

What is the minimum balance that you accept on the gift card?

The minimum balance is $10.

What is the maximum limit per card that I can sell?

This varies from brand to brand. Please call the store to find out about your specific card. 425-257-9011

 Do you buy broken electronics?

Sorry, we do not purchase broken items.

Do you buy electronics with broken screens?

We do not buy items with broken screens.

Do you buy high end watches?

No, but we can refer you to a specialist.

Do you accept e-cards?

No, we do not accept e-cards at this time.